Welcome. I am Maria Sometti (Anishchenkova), Russian interpreter (simultaneous, chuchotage, liaison, consecutive) & translator.

There are many ways to translate a book; the best of them is to ask a translator to do that.
(D. Pashkov)

Translators have been necessary as long as mankind has been speaking more than one language.

With the passage of time the functions of this trade have greatly increased. Today a professional translator or interpreter isn’t just responsible for conveying a literal message. He/she must also attempt to clarify the meaning of the message and the intent of the speaker.

During negotiations an interpreter becomes your direct representative and very often the success of the deal depends upon this person’s professional attitude, appearance and composure.

During simultaneous interpreting an interpreter is the one who must guarantee that the message of a speaker is understood by the listening audience.

To adequately perform written translations, one must have a good background in different fields of knowledge including politics, economics, finance etc.

Almost anyone can learn a foreign language. However, not everybody can become a good translator because this profession requires academic preparation, flexibility of mind, excellent recall and an ability to perform rapidly and accurately under pressure. A significant amount of experience is necessary to fully develop these skills.


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